La Palina Robusto

La Palina is an old school cigar from the glory days of Cuban puros, full of a rich history and tradition. Currently manufactured in the Dominican Republic, these were introduced to me by my friend Cigar Man Andy while I was an editor with Cigar & Spirits Magazine.

La Palina

Dark in color, almost, but not quite a maduro, the wrapper is tight and smooth with just a but of oil to the touch. Firm and well constructed, just as one would expect from such a storied cigar.

The La Palina lights easily with a high volume of velvety smoke. Starts off smooth with an easy draw. Flavors of soft leather and sweet pine. Not an overly strong cigar but with an excellent taste.

went out twice while I was smoking it, and I hate having to relight a cigar, though there wasn’t much of the stale flavor that typically comes with it.

the sweet spot for this cigar is in the middle third as it is smoked, but the front end is also quite pleasant. There is a firm, dark ash that stays strong well into the smoke. The only runs I found were a result of having to relight.

I smoked the La Palina with a glass of iced bourbon. The relighting was a distraction, but overall this is an excellent choice for an evening smoke. Some of the nuances might be lost on a novice smoker, so save it for a time when you can really savor it and give the La Palina the attention that she deserves.


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Southern Gentleman transplanted to southern California. I like a good whiskey, wine, or cigar, and try to enjoy the finer things in life. I am a veteran, a writer, a soldier, a businessman, a student, and a sartorialist.
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