Psyko seven robusto – Ventura cigar company

Psyko seven robusto – Ventura cigar company

I did not have a favorable initial impression of this cigar primarily because of the extravagant marketing behind it. I am a fan of Ventura Cigar co, and they have had some excellent smokes in the past, but I am more partial to the history and tradition behind cigars, and those packaged as such – a lot of the newer labelled cigars strike me as too gimmicky, catering to the new cigar smoker in order to bring in new customers. Unfairly, I often associate these cigars with subpar smokes made for those who don’t pay close attention to what they light up. That being said, I found that the Psyko seven was precisely in line with what I have come to expect from Ventura Cigar company.

A medium to light smoke, this robusto lit up quickly and began burning well without much coaxing from the match. It has a fair volume of flavorful smoke with a pleasant, round mouthfeel. There is a flavor of toasted almonds with a soft leather aftertaste. It is earthy, and subtle, with some dark fruit notes as well.

The cigar burned a bit uneven, but the firm ash kept this from being an issue. I chose to forego my typical rich bourbon with this cigar for fear that the heavy flavor of it would overwhelm the cigar. This shows how much I enjoyed it if nothing else. There will be time enough for whiskey later. I found the sweet spot for the psyko seven to be about halfway in. This is where the burn started to even itself out and where the stronger fruit flavors came out – something not too common in many of the heavier, oaky cigars.

Garish packaging aside, I am glad that I have a few more of these in my humidor.


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