Bird Dog Kentucky Bourbon

Bird Dog Kentucky Bourbon

This is a new bourbon for me – and since I like to try new things and maintain new experiences, that gives it an automatic plus in my book.

With Bird Dog, the color is a deep, soft amber in the bottle, but lightens up considerably to a spun gold or straw once it is poured.

The color is telling on the nose, with a sweet aroma of heavy grains and hay or straw, with a distinct note of sour mash.

The flavor is light, and airy, without a lot of the heavy molasses that is common with many straight Kentucky bourbons. There is a smooth, soft, grainy caramel flavor to Bird Dog, with some significant, but mild heat. The burn is certainly there on the finish, but not in any way unpleasant. Overall, very good.

The finish has a bit of a numbing tingle, with a lingering flavor of straw and soft caramel at the end. It leaves you wanting another sip to start the process all over again.


About thegentlemanandscholar

Southern Gentleman transplanted to southern California. I like a good whiskey, wine, or cigar, and try to enjoy the finer things in life. I am a veteran, a writer, a soldier, a businessman, a student, and a sartorialist.
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