Being a Gentleman & a Scholar

One of the earliest and most sincere compliments I can remember is being called “A Gentleman and a Scholar” by my uncle. It is a deep south colloquialism, but I took it to heart. This simple phrase encompasses so much character and tradition that it is a title I endeavor daily to uphold. I was raised a good southern gentleman; educated, worldly, polite, and not without a bit of swagger. Transplanted to southern California, I do my best to maintain the ideals I hold so dear. I am a veteran, a student, a writer, a businessman, and a sartorialist. I appreciate a good whiskey, wine, or cigar, and the finer things in life. I polish my own oxfords, and tie an excellent single windsor. My favorite drink is an Old Fashioned that I make myself. Everything you read here is my opinion, but one that is not given lightly. I write about drinks, cigars, suits and shoes. There are posts on culture, business, art, and tradition. Feel free to leave comments or engage in discussion. Please let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy these words as much as I enjoy sharing them. Cheers!


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